Where to eat and drink in Brno


Although Czech cuisine is not the best choice for vegetarians, everybody will most likely find at least a couple of meals ‘to die for’.

Czech cooking and eating habits have been shifting in the general direction to a healthier lifestyle, but traditional Czech recipes are still extremely popular — and those tend to be high in calories, fat and sugar. Sauces and condiments are popular.

A Czech meal often starts with soup. The main course usually consists of meat and a side dish. The most popular meats are chicken and pork, followed by beef, usually served with some kind of sauce.

As far as drinks go, a Czech meal is often accompanied by the national beverage, which is beer.

Where to eat in Brno


Discover the best things to eat in Brno from dishes at Michelin-starred restaurants to bites from food markets.

Use our guide to find Brno's must-eat food, including unusual dishes from the city's best restaurants, innovative street food and unique dining experiences.


Experience true gourmet heaven in Pavillon Restaurant, where you can choose both from the à la carte and the multi-course set menu.

Do you want some meat? Get your fork into delicious charcoal-grilled steaks, juicy hamburgers and luscious-smelling BBQ spare ribs at Butcher's Grill & Pasta — the place where they know how to grill.

Discover the superb combination of flavours at KOISHI, a fish and sushi restaurant. Japanese masters will serve you with the first-class fish, fresh oysters and sophisticated desserts.

The best offer of high-quality Czech food, Brno beer and Moravian wine is found at Šelepka. You have to try their marinated beef sirloin and dumplings!

If you fancy the taste of home-made pasta, there is the Cattani — a restaurant where quality is top-notch and freshness the absolute key.

Do you love Mexican cuisine? Enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine at Bistro Bastardo.

Are you vegan, vegetarian or just not so much into meat? Tuck into Buddha Bowls for vegan burgers and to Forky’s — a 100% plant-based bistro — for vegetarian specialities.

For fans of authentic Vietnamese street food, there is — Vietnamese Street Food — at Běhounská Street. Let’s Gỗ!

Head to the Soul bistro for a taste of Scandinavia in central Brno.

Chow down on honest Czech handmade doughnuts, always fresh, always fragrant and always irresistibly tasty at La Donuteria Brno in the Brno Market building.

Their name translates as ‘Sorry, But We Bake Differently’ (the name in Czech is SORRY — pečeme jinak) — and they certainly do: colourfully, crazily, with fun and with seriousness, and, above all, superbly well. Gracing your plate is no mere dessert, but an artistic masterpiece. Joy for the eye and ecstasy for the taste buds.

Where to drink in Brno


Find the right drinking spot to suit your mood with our guide to the best bars and pubs in Brno.

An absolute ‘must visit’ is Výčep Na stojáka (‘Standing up,’ a Czech term for a quick cold one) offering beer from small Czech craft breweries. The First Republic-style interior with comfortable tables at which to stand, a summer garden and a pleasant atmosphere out on St James’ Square is the very definition of good beer and conviviality!

Zelená kočka Pivárium (the Green Cat) offers nine original types of beer, each poured into the correct glass. Every beer hits the right temperature and bears a compact head of foam. A visit to this pub is an experience for every beer lover! How could we not to when it is the winner of the competition for the best beer bar in the country?

Bar který neexistuje, when translated, means ‘The Bar That Doesn’t Exist’. It does exist, of course. And it’s bloody good, too – pulsing with energy! New to the bar scene, but already a legend. Haute couture in bartender culture, where they tailor the drinks to your taste.

A great drink selection at Super Panda Circus will keep you entertained while you spy Brno's landmarks. Get your Instagram filters ready, as they serve the most fine-tuned and photogenic drinks in the city!

JustWINE is the black horse of Brno’s wine bars.

When it comes to coffee, Brno has it pretty good. From Instagrammable flat whites to the wave of artisan coffee pop-ups, Brno has enjoyed something of a love affair with really good coffee in the past few years. The best venues to go for great coffee in Brno are V melounovém cukru, Monogram Espresso Bar, SKØG Urban Hub or Punkt.

Insider tips for Brno


Fantastic atmosphere and variety of different beers, beer styles and beer glasses are to be found in Ochutnávková pivnice — one that reminds you of the informal underground pubs from the mid-’90s.

Pub U Dvou přátel focuses on beers from local breweries and does it very well.

As a Moto GP fan you like beer, don’t you? Try excellent unfiltered pale lager (světlý ležák) at a taproom and restaurant U Richarda.

Every Brno citizen knows two bars both situated across the street Bar Naproti and Naproti naproti Naproti (Czech language pun). Do you like Absinth? This bar is a must!

Brasserie Šelepka with a big garden near the beautiful park is anything but fancy-schmancy but their meals are just awesome!

Do you want something traditional? Try nostalgic Austro-Hungarian restaurant U Semináru and order the schnitzel, tafelspitz and Pilsen beer.

Pegas at Jiráskova Street is a local pub with Czech cuisine and traditional atmosphere — and offers everything at a reasonable price!

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